The Adventures of Perry!

This past week, Perry joined me for the Authors After Dark Convention.  I apologize that the pics aren’t that clear, damn iPhone!  Hope you enjoy a trip around #ADDPhilly Perry style.

At the airport waiting to board the plane!

All buckled up & ready to fly!


Doing a little reading on the plane!                               It got a little cold so he snuggled in my coat pocket!


Waiting for @MelissaEcker at the airport

Look what he brought @MelissaEcker

Late night breakfast at the iHop!

Look what he got from @j_hussein




Scoping out the ladies at AAD Welcome!

Getting some lovin’ from @EsmeRose1977

Sneaking some of @MelissaEcker’s drink


He picked up some bad habits at #AADPhilly

Enjoying his first Philly Cheesesteak

Always keeping it clean

Hanging out at the Hard Rock Cafe




Enjoying a glass of the bubbly

Mmmm, iHop has awesome potato soup

Time for bed….maybe

Seems Perry needed a late night snack

I had a hard time keeping him out of trouble.

He did make it to breakfast though

He attended a couple panels

He got to meet a couple of his favorite authors: @MelissaEcker and @Lara_Adrian

He got all kinds of attention from the ladies


He tried to unplug my phone

And I caught him smoking (bad Perry)

AADPhilly had to come to an end however.  After brushing his teeth & printing our boarding pass….

We made one more stop at Starbucks (yes he made a mess) then hit the airport.  All in all, Perry had a blast and can’t wait to see you ladies again!


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