Upcoming Release ~ Triple Shot!

I am extremely excited for the release of Triple Shot next month from Lazy Day Publishing.  The story of the gang from Long Beach continues with Susan and sexy Josiah Hunter.

From the back of the book:

Susan’s once carefree personality is put to the test with the complications of her mother’s disease and she finds herself failing miserably.  The turmoil in her life makes it difficult for her to find happiness, even after a night of passion with sexy Josiah Hunter.  When tragedy strikes Susan’s life, Josiah reaches out to comfort her, but the guilt she feels won’t grant him the access he’s looking for.  Only the separation of miles reveals to them both that what they share is real, no matter what life has thrown in their direction.

Just a snippet: 

Susan spun on her heels when her toes touched the hem of the blanket and pushed her index finger into his chest.  “I’ll have you know a lesson in mounting is the last thing I need.  I’m perfectly capable of mounting anything on my own without your aid,” she said without a single thought of what she spoke.  Josiah pushed his chest into her finger then had the audacity to lick his lips tucking his lower lip between his teeth.

“Your mounting skills are something I would very much like to see at some point,” he said with a cocky grin on his face.

Susan snatched up her towel and began drying herself off before his words registered in her mind.  “Maybe that could happen…hmmm…never,” she said grabbing her bag and stomping her way in the direction of Rowan’s house.

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5/5 Star Review of Heart of the Hunter by @Lara_Adrian (Tina St. John)

Ariana of Clairmont would risk anything to save her kidnapped brother, a quest she knows is fraught with peril. Her only ally is Braedon le Chasseur, a formidable knight with a mysterious past, whose scarred face and brooding nature mask a soul filled with pain. Ariana fears this dangerous man and the secrets he strives to conceal—but Braedon’s touch is pure seduction, his kiss a potent lure that tempts her into a passion she is powerless to resist.

Once known as The Hunter, now haunted by a dark legacy he struggles to deny, Braedon lives in a world of shadow and isolation—until he is thrust together with an innocent beauty in need of his protection. Embarking on a journey that will lead them to a legendary treasure, Braedon will be forced to confront old enemies and the stunning secret of his true nature—or risk losing Ariana and the only happiness he has ever known. . .

Taken from Goodreads


I’ve never been interested in reading Historical Romance, but when Lara Adrian released this series – Dragon Chalice – again that she’d written as Tina St. John, I downloaded it immediately. I’ve loved all her work and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with Heart of the Hunter. As I read, I experienced such a wide range of emotions that I found it hard to put the book down. If my body would have allowed it, I would have gladly given up sleep to keep reading.

During the journey that Ariana and Braedon are fated to take to save her brother, Braedon must face his past and the realization that this stubborn woman has not only convinced him to help her, but has wedged her way into his heart. This is an exciting tale of action packed adventure along with a sensual relationship between Braedon and Ariana and the beauty of two hearts finding each other.  Adrian does a fabulous job of keeping the excitement of the story moving along, while building the relationship between Braedon and Ariana in a way that causes us to hope that in the end they will be together.  The innocent Ariana captures the pained heart of Braedon and Adrian does such an amazing job of allowing us to feel what both the hero and the heroine are feeling!

I truly, truly enjoyed reading this story and I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this series!  I definitely highly recommend Heart of the Hunter!  I am giving this a 5 out of 5 Stars!

Other books in the Dragon Chalice Series:


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Under a Vampire Moon by Lynsay Sands – 3/5 Stars Review

Christian Notte’s story, the sixteenth book in the Argeneau series is set on an island paradise called St. Lucia. After a bad relationship and an even worse divorce, Carolyn decides to go on a long overdue and much needed vacation with the ‘girls’. Only the rest of the vacationers didn’t get the memo. Around every corner there seems to be another couple celebrating their honeymoon or anniversary and the few single men she does see are far too young to even consider, including an irresistibly attractive rock violinist she meets. It’s really too bad he’s so young but in the end it doesn’t matter because according to his cousin, Giacinta, women in general aren’t Christian’s type. But there’s a catch, Christian needs Carolyn’s help. He needs her to be his beard (to play the part of his fake girlfriend) for the week to appease his ‘machismo’ family. Carolyn just can’t seem to say No and decides to help Gia’s cousin. The only problem is that being around Christian and acting like they are a loving couple is wreaking havoc on her emotions. Carolyn’s thoughts keep drifting back to places they shouldn’t, like kissing his full lips or feeling his broad shoulders under her fingertips… good lord, she’s in trouble.

(taken from Lynsay’s website here)


I am an avid reader of Lynsay Sands…I have read all of the books in the  Argeneau series and have loved them all (some more than others).  This I did not like, with the exception of a few sections (mostly the sex senes…the dream sex and the real sex, but even that at times felt a little rushed).  I was disappointed in Under a Vampire Moon because I really expected more from it.

Here are the issues I have (I may have spoilers…but I’ll try to keep them out):

First – I DID NOT like Carolyn.  She was not a likable person to me.  I honestly would have loved to have seen Christian get with Genie.  Carolyn was just one of those heroines that doesn’t have a backbone, is wishy-washy, and too many times I wanted to shake her or smack her around a bit.  I understood the reasoning behind her insecurity and honestly I didn’t have an issue with that, but I found her to be one of those women I run from for a friend because she’s such a buzz kill.  She’s in her 40’s but some of her language (speech) and mannerisms don’t fit her age.  All of the other women in the previous books have had issues, but they also had backbones and that’s what made them likable.  Carolyn is not likable.

Second – The dialogue (with the exception of a few places) felt forced.  It was so hard to sit and listen to the characters speak because honestly it wasn’t believable for me.  Now mind you, it wasn’t like this throughout the entire book, but for the majority of it and that took me out of the story someone.

Third – Paranormal – was almost non-existent!  Other than them drinking from blood bags, Carolyn seeing fangs, and Christian revealing that they were immortals, there was pretty much nothing.  And Christian spent and awful lot of time in the sun and we only really say one time where he was affected by it.  The second problem I had with the paranormal side of it, was that when Christian revealed it to Carolyn she almost immediately accepted it and we are talking about a woman who has major trust issues.  So with that, it made the characters unreliable.  Christian didn’t even bite her while they were having sex, which hello…it part of the eroticism of the sex between life mates.

Fourth – The ending!!!!!  It felt rushed and as if the author just wanted to finish the book.  It didn’t feel finished and honestly when I got to the end at 3 AM this morning, I was left with a feeling that there were pages missing.  The ending was not complete.

Things that worked for me (spoilers):

First – Some people were upset with Christian “playing gay” in this book to get to Carolyn, but I didn’t really have an issue with that.  I’ve seen that happen in real life.   So I think that actually worked.  Christian is actually the one character who worked in this piece (and Genie…which again I wish she had been the heroine).  Christian is hot, in a rock band, and knows how to play a woman for sure.  My only issue with him is that he seemed so “young.”  Yes, he looks 25, but um, he’s 500+ years old.   His personality seemed to have changed from the last time we saw him and he seemed more like a boy than a man.  Still hot though!

Second – As stated earlier, the sex scenes worked fabulously.  The were hot, sexy, and I found myself taking my time reading through them.  Again, my only complaint is that Christian never bit her.  Even after Christian told Carolyn everything and she accepted it, we never saw that intimacy we are used to in the other books.

Third – the secondary characters worked – the band members (I especially liked Zanipolo) and of course Julius and Marguerite were great (although at times their dialogue didn’t work for me).

I just didn’t get out of this book what I was hoping for and I was really looking forward to this one because of Christian.

I am giving Under a Vampire Moon 3 out of 5 Stars.


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Review of The Hunger Games Series


In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV. Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who lives alone with her mother and younger sister, regards it as a death sentence when she is forced to represent her district in the Games. But Katniss has been close to dead before-and survival…

Website for Suzanne Collins here


Let me first start off by saying that I don’t normally read YA (young adult).  I really had no intention of even reading this series, but my ten-year old son wanted to read it and I’m one of those parents that’s overprotective and wants to make sure that what he is reading is okay for his little eyes.  I started reading it when he was on Chapter 6, which he is still on because his friends told him everything that happens in all the books, so he won’t read the rest of it.  These three books were quick reads and I finished them in no time at all and that was in the midst of taking full-time classes at the University I attend.

I actually found myself caught up in the story of Katniss and The Hunger Games.  Suzanne Collins does such a fabulous job of  building the characters of Katniss, Gale, Peeta, Haymitch, and all the rest of them that I had a hard time walking away from them.  I was genuinely interested in what would happen as the Hunger Games took place and even after.  Collins draws the reader in with exquisite details and descriptions of the Capitol, the districts surrounding it and the citizens of each one.  The series is action packed and although it is from the POV of a 16/17-year-old, I truly enjoyed it all it had to offer.  As I read, I felt the happiness, the hurt, the anger, the tension, and the fear of Katniss and those around her.  When I slid my finger across the face of my Kindle to the last page of Mockingjay, I felt sad that I wouldn’t be reading any more about Katniss, Peeta, or Gale.  This is when you know that you have a great book (series) – when the reader is sad to see the characters go away (so to speak).

I would definitely recommend this series, not just for young readers, but even for us older readers.  I am giving the series (as well as all three books) a 5 out of 5 Stars!  Well done Ms. Collins!


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Snippet Sunday … A Taste of The Triple-Shot

This is the latest book that I am working on – The Triple-Shot.  For those of you who have read A Lifetime to Find Love and Sacred Surrender, this is Susan’s story – which introduces Josiah (I think y’all will be pleased with him).  Here is a little snippet from The Triple-Shot!


Susan’s breathing abruptly came to a halt when the cowboy with his back to her quickly turned around at Tessa’s words.  Never, never in the twenty-six years she’d been alive had she seen such a sight.  The backside of Mr. Cowboy was nice, but what a sight the front offered.  His dark skin enhanced cocoa brown eyes that sparkled from the small amount of overhead lights that the suddenly overcrowded bar provided.  The stretch of his shirt confirmed Susan’s suspicions that beneath the piece of material lay muscle upon muscle.  An oversize belt buckle the size of a small town drew her eyes to his nether regions unconsciously and left no room for her over active imagination.  What lie in wait behind the denim kept her attention a little longer than she’d planned and the sound of Tessa’s laughter shook her from the trance this stranger put her under without thought.  Susan felt the flush of her cheeks as her eyes traveled up to the cowboy’s, his pearly whites flashing as the corners of his mouth lifted into a smile as if her flustered state amused him.  Susan shook off the image of her sprawled out beneath him and tried to focus on the words Tessa spoke to her.


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Review of Dark Peril by Christine Feehan

Dominic, of the Dragonseeker lineage—one of the most powerful of the Carpathian lines—is desperate to go to the very heart of the enemy camp and learn their plans.  There’s only one way to do so: ingest the parasitic blood of a vampire.  He knows that it is a mission from which there is no return. With little time before the blood takes effect, he’ll get the information he needs, relay it to the leader of the Carpathians, and go out fighting.  There is no more honorable way to end his life.

Solange Sangria is one of the last of the jaguar people, a royal pureblood, a dying species that cannot recover from bad decisions made over hundreds of years. She has long been alone, fighting to save the remaining shapeshifters from the hands of Brodrick the Terrible: her own father, who slaughtered her family and everyone she loved.  Wounded and weary, she plans one last battle, hoping to stop the man who has made an alliance with the vampires, accepting that she will not come out alive.

They are two warriors who have lived their lives alone.  Now, at the end of their time, they find each other—an obstacle neither can hope to ignore.

(taken from Feehan’s website)


Christine Feehan delivers another wonderful story of the power of a lifemate.  Dominic is a sexy, powerful Dragonseeker, the most powerful of all the Carpathians who has come to terms with the fact that he will die without a lifemate, but he will do all he can to rid the world of as many vampires and jaguar-men as he can before he passes over to the other side.  He resigned himself to that, until Solange, his lifemate, comes along and changes all that for him.

Together Dominic and Solange are strong together, working side by side.  This was a story filled with excitement, unexpected turns, and a powerful love story.  Solange’s fear that having a lifemate, a man in her life, will change who she is and change the jaguar within her, but Dominic’s love goes beyond that and he loves her for the person she is, not who she thinks he wants her to be.

This was a refreshing story that had me waiting to see what happened next and relieved that by the end of it, Solange and Dominic found peace in each other’s hearts.  Feehan does a great job of bringing about the hot, steamy sex and still keeping it beautiful between two lifemates.

I am giving Dark Peril 4 out of 5 Stars.


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Reviews & Guest Post Guilty Indulgence Review Site

I would like to say thank you to the reviewers at Guilty Indulgence Review Site   for taking the time to review A Lifetime to Find Love and Sacred Surrender and for allowing me to guest post this past week.  It was an honor to stop by the site.

If you have not had the opportunity to check out the reviews and posts, you can do that at their site – just click on the banner below.

They have some great reviews of books and other great guest posts from other authors.  Please take a moment to check them out.

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