Review of Heart of the Dove by @lara_adrian…4/5 Stars

From the back cover:

Everything Randwulf of Greycliff loved was torn from his grasp in a night of fire and terror. His wife and child slain, his manor destroyed, Rand now lives for one thing alone: revenge on the man who ordered the attack. Armed with a part of the legendary Dragon Chalice–the object his enemy most desires–Rand embarks on a deadly voyage to trap his foe. He will avenge his family . . . and let no one stand in his way.

On a stormswept shore in the wilds of northern England, a gentle maiden discovers a man lying on the beach, shipwrecked and in need of care. But helping him is forbidden. Serena has the gift of Knowing: with a mere touch, she can see all the secrets in a man’s heart. It is a gift that has kept her secluded from the outside world, wary of those who would use her powers for their own gain. But Rand’s wounded heart beckons, and his passionate nature draws her to him–daring her to surrender to a dangerous seduction that could destroy them both. . . .

(taken from Lara’s website)


When we were first introduced to Rand in Heart of the Flame, I felt so bad for him.  He lost everything and all that he had left was a pressing sense of revenge against the man who took all that mattered from him.  I had hoped that we would see him go from a tortured soul to a man with a purpose (outside of avenging his family).  I was not disappointed with Rand found himself in the company of Serena and her mother.  When Serena came into the picture I honestly thought, “dear lord, she is going to be one of those women that is all fragile and needy.”  But of course, Lara did not disappoint as all her heroines are strong women!  Even though Rand is an overpowering male, not to mention incredibly sexy, Serena takes on his pain and it is she who breaks past that hardened shell of Rands.  I really enjoyed this story (not as much as the first two, but definitely enjoyed it).  This story is a beautiful love story that not only reveals the strength of a woman (Serena), but also that proves that no matter what life throws at someone, love and salvation can be found.

I am giving Heart of the Dove 4/5 Stars only because for me, it moved a little slow in the beginning.  Otherwise the story of Rand and Serena is a fabulous read and you won’t be disappointed in picking up and spending time in their world.

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Triple Shot Cover Revealed

When I submitted Triple Shot to Lazy Day Publishing, I was extremely excited about Susan and Josiah’s story being told.  On Friday, my editor Staci sent me over a sample of the cover and I have to say I was (and still am) blown away.  The cover completely captures the essence of the story and it is sexy and sensual.  I absolutely LOVE it and am so pleased with the outcome.  Hope you all like it as well.  We have a release date of August 8th for Triple Shot!

Upcoming Release ~ Triple Shot!

I am extremely excited for the release of Triple Shot next month from Lazy Day Publishing.  The story of the gang from Long Beach continues with Susan and sexy Josiah Hunter.

From the back of the book:

Susan’s once carefree personality is put to the test with the complications of her mother’s disease and she finds herself failing miserably.  The turmoil in her life makes it difficult for her to find happiness, even after a night of passion with sexy Josiah Hunter.  When tragedy strikes Susan’s life, Josiah reaches out to comfort her, but the guilt she feels won’t grant him the access he’s looking for.  Only the separation of miles reveals to them both that what they share is real, no matter what life has thrown in their direction.

Just a snippet: 

Susan spun on her heels when her toes touched the hem of the blanket and pushed her index finger into his chest.  “I’ll have you know a lesson in mounting is the last thing I need.  I’m perfectly capable of mounting anything on my own without your aid,” she said without a single thought of what she spoke.  Josiah pushed his chest into her finger then had the audacity to lick his lips tucking his lower lip between his teeth.

“Your mounting skills are something I would very much like to see at some point,” he said with a cocky grin on his face.

Susan snatched up her towel and began drying herself off before his words registered in her mind.  “Maybe that could happen…hmmm…never,” she said grabbing her bag and stomping her way in the direction of Rowan’s house.

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Review of Heart of the Flame by Lara Adrian – 5/5 Stars

Six months in an enemy’s dungeon might have broken a weaker man, but former Templar knight Kenrick of Clairmont has emerged from imprisonment with an unyielding determination, and consumed by a single daunting quest: to find the Dragon Chalice, a mystical treasure said to grant its bearer unlimited power. It is a dangerous chase, one that pits Kenrick against foes skilled in dark, deadly arts. But no obstacle will prove more treacherous–nor more seductively lethal–than the fiery beauty called Haven.

Caught up in the battle for the Chalice, Haven survives a night of terror that leaves her wounded and near death. Her memory scorched by fever, Haven awakens to find herself in the care of the forbidding, handsome Kenrick, who offers his protection in return for her alliance. A tenuous trust is formed between them, which soon ignites into a fierce passion neither can deny. But Haven’s memory of her past is slowly beginning to surface, and it will threaten the fragile bond she and Kenrick share–and embroil them in a fight for their very lives. . . .

(Taken from Lara Adrian’s Website)


I’ve tweeted this, but it is worthy to be noted again…The problem I have with Lara Adrian’s books, is that once I start reading them, life as I knew it ceases to exist until I am at the end.  I know that it may seem as though I never give her books a bad review, but in all honesty, I have yet to read a book of hers that I didn’t find myself enthralled in until the end and saddened that there was an ending.

This holds true for Heart of the Flame!  After reading Heart of the Hunter, I didn’t think that my emotions could be wrung out any more than from that story.  So wrong was I!  Kenrick and Haven’s story took me from wariness to  joy to an unbelievable clenching of my heartstrings.  Kenrick is a formidable warrior and scholar who has not been swayed from his purpose to thwart the evil that seeks the Dragon Chalice, that is until Haven stumbles into his life.  A broken woman who is uncertain of who or what she is finds herself in the care of Kenrick and no matter how hard she fights the attraction to him, she cannot deny her desires for him, nor can Kenrick deny his desires for Haven.  This is a beautiful story, not only about fate and love, but also about the unselfish sacrifice of one person for another.

The element in Heart of the Flame that I found most endearing, was not so much that two people who were attracted to each other found themselves in each others arms, although those scenes play out quite nicely…translation = hot, steamy, and you’ll need a damp cloth to cool yourself down.  The element that I found most endearing is that of sacrifice.  Sacrifice of one’s own desires, wants, and even life itself.  This made the characters real, lovable, and worthy of a cheering section.  No matter what transpired between Kenrick and Haven or what “secrets” were revealed that would have made a sane person run, I found myself silently yelling at them, “It doesn’t matter, you love each other.”  This is what made this book great, because I wanted things to work out for them and I genuinely cared for each character.

I also enjoyed that Braedon and Ariana continued to have a presence in the story.  Too many times I’ve seen characters fade away from the story and I really wanted to see these two still play a part in the quest that Kenrick still found himself on.

I am giving Heart of the Flame 5/5 Stars!  This series just keeps getting better!

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Great News for Triple Shot…

Got great news from my publisher Lazy Day Publishing.  They have picked up my third book – Triple Shot for publication.  It is scheduled to be released in August.  For those who have read A Lifetime to Find Love and Sacred Surrender, this is Susan’s book.  This is actually possibly one of my favorite stories I’ve written and I think all you Erin haters will be pleased with how Susan handles her.  Cade and Tessa make an appearance, as does Rowan and Madison.  Susan’s love interest is Josiah, a college buddy of Rowan and Cade and the sexy cowboy does not disappoint.

I am looking forward to the release of Triple Shot.  As soon as I have a cover for it, I will be posting it.

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Ava Riley 

5/5 Star Review of Heart of the Hunter by @Lara_Adrian (Tina St. John)

Ariana of Clairmont would risk anything to save her kidnapped brother, a quest she knows is fraught with peril. Her only ally is Braedon le Chasseur, a formidable knight with a mysterious past, whose scarred face and brooding nature mask a soul filled with pain. Ariana fears this dangerous man and the secrets he strives to conceal—but Braedon’s touch is pure seduction, his kiss a potent lure that tempts her into a passion she is powerless to resist.

Once known as The Hunter, now haunted by a dark legacy he struggles to deny, Braedon lives in a world of shadow and isolation—until he is thrust together with an innocent beauty in need of his protection. Embarking on a journey that will lead them to a legendary treasure, Braedon will be forced to confront old enemies and the stunning secret of his true nature—or risk losing Ariana and the only happiness he has ever known. . .

Taken from Goodreads


I’ve never been interested in reading Historical Romance, but when Lara Adrian released this series – Dragon Chalice – again that she’d written as Tina St. John, I downloaded it immediately. I’ve loved all her work and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with Heart of the Hunter. As I read, I experienced such a wide range of emotions that I found it hard to put the book down. If my body would have allowed it, I would have gladly given up sleep to keep reading.

During the journey that Ariana and Braedon are fated to take to save her brother, Braedon must face his past and the realization that this stubborn woman has not only convinced him to help her, but has wedged her way into his heart. This is an exciting tale of action packed adventure along with a sensual relationship between Braedon and Ariana and the beauty of two hearts finding each other.  Adrian does a fabulous job of keeping the excitement of the story moving along, while building the relationship between Braedon and Ariana in a way that causes us to hope that in the end they will be together.  The innocent Ariana captures the pained heart of Braedon and Adrian does such an amazing job of allowing us to feel what both the hero and the heroine are feeling!

I truly, truly enjoyed reading this story and I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this series!  I definitely highly recommend Heart of the Hunter!  I am giving this a 5 out of 5 Stars!

Other books in the Dragon Chalice Series:


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Great News – New Release!

I found out some fabulous news on Monday.  Secret Cravings Publishing has picked up my first paranormal novella – Leesea’s Books and Babbles.  It is set to release in October of 2012.  I’m very excited and honored that they have chosen to publish it and I look forward to its release.

This is a story about Braeden McGrath, Vampire Prince of Camric and Annalisa Rees, a 24 year old bookstore owner.  They have been separated by centuries, but now united by destiny.

As the release draws near, more information will be shared.

As always – Happy Reading!

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