Review of Heart of the Flame by Lara Adrian – 5/5 Stars

Six months in an enemy’s dungeon might have broken a weaker man, but former Templar knight Kenrick of Clairmont has emerged from imprisonment with an unyielding determination, and consumed by a single daunting quest: to find the Dragon Chalice, a mystical treasure said to grant its bearer unlimited power. It is a dangerous chase, one that pits Kenrick against foes skilled in dark, deadly arts. But no obstacle will prove more treacherous–nor more seductively lethal–than the fiery beauty called Haven.

Caught up in the battle for the Chalice, Haven survives a night of terror that leaves her wounded and near death. Her memory scorched by fever, Haven awakens to find herself in the care of the forbidding, handsome Kenrick, who offers his protection in return for her alliance. A tenuous trust is formed between them, which soon ignites into a fierce passion neither can deny. But Haven’s memory of her past is slowly beginning to surface, and it will threaten the fragile bond she and Kenrick share–and embroil them in a fight for their very lives. . . .

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I’ve tweeted this, but it is worthy to be noted again…The problem I have with Lara Adrian’s books, is that once I start reading them, life as I knew it ceases to exist until I am at the end.  I know that it may seem as though I never give her books a bad review, but in all honesty, I have yet to read a book of hers that I didn’t find myself enthralled in until the end and saddened that there was an ending.

This holds true for Heart of the Flame!  After reading Heart of the Hunter, I didn’t think that my emotions could be wrung out any more than from that story.  So wrong was I!  Kenrick and Haven’s story took me from wariness to  joy to an unbelievable clenching of my heartstrings.  Kenrick is a formidable warrior and scholar who has not been swayed from his purpose to thwart the evil that seeks the Dragon Chalice, that is until Haven stumbles into his life.  A broken woman who is uncertain of who or what she is finds herself in the care of Kenrick and no matter how hard she fights the attraction to him, she cannot deny her desires for him, nor can Kenrick deny his desires for Haven.  This is a beautiful story, not only about fate and love, but also about the unselfish sacrifice of one person for another.

The element in Heart of the Flame that I found most endearing, was not so much that two people who were attracted to each other found themselves in each others arms, although those scenes play out quite nicely…translation = hot, steamy, and you’ll need a damp cloth to cool yourself down.  The element that I found most endearing is that of sacrifice.  Sacrifice of one’s own desires, wants, and even life itself.  This made the characters real, lovable, and worthy of a cheering section.  No matter what transpired between Kenrick and Haven or what “secrets” were revealed that would have made a sane person run, I found myself silently yelling at them, “It doesn’t matter, you love each other.”  This is what made this book great, because I wanted things to work out for them and I genuinely cared for each character.

I also enjoyed that Braedon and Ariana continued to have a presence in the story.  Too many times I’ve seen characters fade away from the story and I really wanted to see these two still play a part in the quest that Kenrick still found himself on.

I am giving Heart of the Flame 5/5 Stars!  This series just keeps getting better!

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