Snippet Sunday … A Taste of The Triple-Shot

This is the latest book that I am working on – The Triple-Shot.  For those of you who have read A Lifetime to Find Love and Sacred Surrender, this is Susan’s story – which introduces Josiah (I think y’all will be pleased with him).  Here is a little snippet from The Triple-Shot!


Susan’s breathing abruptly came to a halt when the cowboy with his back to her quickly turned around at Tessa’s words.  Never, never in the twenty-six years she’d been alive had she seen such a sight.  The backside of Mr. Cowboy was nice, but what a sight the front offered.  His dark skin enhanced cocoa brown eyes that sparkled from the small amount of overhead lights that the suddenly overcrowded bar provided.  The stretch of his shirt confirmed Susan’s suspicions that beneath the piece of material lay muscle upon muscle.  An oversize belt buckle the size of a small town drew her eyes to his nether regions unconsciously and left no room for her over active imagination.  What lie in wait behind the denim kept her attention a little longer than she’d planned and the sound of Tessa’s laughter shook her from the trance this stranger put her under without thought.  Susan felt the flush of her cheeks as her eyes traveled up to the cowboy’s, his pearly whites flashing as the corners of his mouth lifted into a smile as if her flustered state amused him.  Susan shook off the image of her sprawled out beneath him and tried to focus on the words Tessa spoke to her.


Happy Reading!

Ava Riley


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