Today was a good day!

This week is Read An Ebook Week!  So get online and download a great ebook or two (cough, cough…A Lifetime to Find Love & Sacred Surrender) and enjoy a good book on your PC, SmartPhone, or Ereader!

Today has been a very productive day.  I got my outline done for a Mythology paper done, I re-vamped my philosophy paper (which is due tomorrow) and I got to write for an hour on TripleShot (2,008 words).

I have come to (slowly) realize that if I don’t write at least 30 minutes a day of what I call “pleasure writing” then I am extremely stressed out and I find it hard to focus.  I must make it a habit to find at least 30 minutes daily, even if I have to use the old fashion was of writing (pen/paper) to do it.  Writing is good for my soul and my sanity.

Well, I am off to do some reading for Mythology!  This is a necessity and although I love The Odyssey, I would much rather be writing.


Happy Reading!

Ava Riley


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