Sample Sunday ~ Triple Shot

I have been working on the next book after Sacred Surrender.  As it stands now, the title is TRIPLE SHOT.  This could most definitely change as we all know that sometimes the first title usually ends up changing during edits.  With that being said, Triple Shot is Susan’s story.  If you’ve read A Lifetime to Find Love, you know who she is.  I love me some Susan.  Josiah is an old college buddy of Rowan and Cade’s.  While Rowan and Cade stayed in Long Beach to pursue their careers, Josiah had signed on the dotted line to serve time in the Marines.  Now, after years of service to his country, Josiah has made his way back to Long Beach for a long overdue extended vacation.  Little does he know when he walks into the Triple Shot, that a dark hair beauty would turn his world upside down and make the decision to return to Texas difficult to make.


Josiah’s shoulders shook as Susan watched him try to reign in his laughter unsuccessfully.  He slipped her keys into his pocket, held his arm out toward the entrance to The Triple Shot, and waited until she obliged him.  His relaxed stance as he waited for her to make a move only added to her already bad mood.  She crossed her arms over her chest, let out a heavy sigh, and reluctantly walked past Josiah without a word.  The bastard was cocky and although she would like him even less if he was a push over, she was in no mood to deal with an egotistical son of a bitch.  The nerve of him to just assume that she would allow him to come home with her.  Was she really that easy?  Did she really come off as being a quick, easy lay for him?


Happy Reading!

Ava Riley


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