Six Sentence Sunday on Monday

I intended to post this yesterday, but got completely wrapped up in playing a video game with my son.  Which in all honesty, was well worth it as I don’t get to spend as much time with my kiddos as I would like just goofing off.  So, instead of posting my Six Sentence Sunday on Sunday, I am posting it on Monday.

A Lifetime to Find Love is my first release in a series.  Currently there are two books out and one in the making.  Sacred Surrender is the second book.  In A Lifetime to Find Love, we are introduced to Tessa and Cade.  Cade is the best friend to Tessa’s brother Rowan.  The three of them have known each other since they were just kids.  Tessa is a freelance photographer and Cade a private practice doctor.  When a night out as friends turns into something neither Tessa or Cade intended, their relationship takes a turn neither of them expects.  Can they have a romantic relationship and keep their friendship intact?



She couldn’t think. Tessa couldn’t form one coherent thought or sentence. She could only feel and everything felt right as she laid there with her head against Cade’s chest listening to the sound of his heartbeat. His breathing was erratic, her breathing not much more stable. She felt amazing. The world outside her bedroom didn’t exist, only she and Cade. Here, in her bedroom, lying in his arms was where she belonged, where they belonged and she reveled in it.


A Lifetime to Find Love and Sacred Surrender are available at, and

Happy Reading!

Ava Riley


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