Happy New Year ~ Six Sentence Sunday

Before I post my Six Sentence Sunday, I would like to say a very Happy New Year to everyone.  2011 was a very exciting year for me in many ways, but especially in the literary sense.  Two of my books were published, along with a story in an anthology.  I am excited for what 2012 will reveal.  I have several things in the works, including a few short stories to be posted here, so keep your eyes open.  I also have set a goal to read AT LEAST 100 books and review them here.

Now for today’s Six Sentence Sunday.  This has been taken from a story I am working on called Leesea’s Books and Babbles.  This is a paranormal about Annalisa and Braeden.


Annalisa wrapped her arms tightly around herself.  Suddenly the air around her became so cold, sucking all the heat from her body as her extremities began to numb. Sound ceased to reach her ears, and with the exception of an overwhelming sense of fear, she felt nothing…until she heard that familiar voice.

“Drake, Drake, Drake. Will you never learn your lesson?” Braeden’s voice filled the alley.

Annalisa felt her knees begin to buckle.  Before her legs could give out on her, she pressed her shoulder to the alley wall. She refused to go down again.


Happy Reading!

Ava Riley



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