Lover Unbound by JR Ward Review…

In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there’s a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other—six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Now, the cold heart of a cunning predator will be warmed against its will…
Ruthless and brilliant, Vishous son of the Bloodletter possesses a destructive curse and a frightening ability to see the future. As a pretrans growing up in his father’s war camp, he was tormented and abused. As a member of the Brotherhood, he has no interest in love or emotion, only the battle with the Lessening Society. But when a mortal injury puts him in the care of a human surgeon, Dr. Jane Whitcomb compels him to reveal his inner pain and taste true pleasure for the first time- until a destiny he didn’t choose takes him into a future that cannot include her.

(taken from J.R. Wards website)


J.R. Ward has done it again.  She has succeeded at making me happy, angry, and got me bawling like a damn baby, sometimes all at the same time.  When I first met Vishous, I was a little concerned that he would never find a woman who could handle his freaky side.  And to be honest with you, from the previous book, Lover Revealed, I really thought Lover Unbound was going to go in a different direction.  I was quiet surprised to see it didn’t go as I anticipated.

Sure, just as all the Brothers, V is not only a bad-ass vampire who kicks ass and doesn’t give a shit about names, but he’s powerful, sexy, and as manly as they come and to top it off has an extraordinary heart, as Jane Whitcomb finds out when he ends up in her ER.  Well, V finds his match in Jane and as with the other shellans, she doesn’t disappoint when it comes to her male.  How could V not fall head over heels for a strong-willed, intelligent, beautiful woman like Jane? But is their love enough to overcome what the shit side of fate has handed them?  There is only one who knows the answer to that and it’s the one “person” V despises.

Lover Unbound, more so than any of the other books so far had me aching…aching in my chest cavity, and aching to turn the page.  I put the book down for a couple of days, mostly because I had finals to content with, but I also needed an emotional break.  I went from happiness, to anger, to happiness, to excruciating hurt, to happiness all over again.  And I loved (okay some parts I was like “WTF? my heart can’t take this anymore”) every moment of it.  I believe that everyone should experience the same emotions, because what J.R. Ward has done, has not just revealed Vishous and Jane to us, but has sucked us into their hearts and minds and allowed us just a moment to feel as they feel.

J.R. Ward does an amazing job at hitting on every human emotion that can be extracted from her readers and she does it in a way that makes us love her and hate her at the same time.  The hate is only temporary, however.  This series has just gotten better and better with each new book that I have read and I look forward to reading about the rest of the Brothers.

Lover Unbound receives a 5 out of 5 Stars from me.  This is a MUST read, but keep the tissues at your side…you will need them.

Happy Reading!

Ava Riley


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