Sample Sunday ~ Leesea’s Books and Babbles

This month is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  I’m working on a Paranormal Romance called Leesea’s Books and Babbles (the name may change).  Annalisa is a young woman who finds herself drawn to an old worn down bookstore.  The books aren’t your typical every day books.  And the previous owner, Braeden, isn’t your typical every day male.  Annalisa’s quickly realizes her comfort in the bookstore is more than just the security from the outside world.  Braeden’s sudden presence in her life turns her world completely upside down.  Can Annalisa accept Braeden for what he is?  Can she accept what he’s offering her, or will she be fated to a life alone?


At twenty-four and out of college less than year, Annalisa invested all her savings in the small worn down bookstore.  Owning her own business wasn’t something she’d planned on, but when she first walked past the store all those months ago, past the big glass pane window something called out to her spirit.  A week later, as the old shop owner hung the FOR SALE sign against the dirty glass her mind hesitated not even for a moment.  Annalisa found herself slipping inside the shop, pulling the sign from its resting place, and without reluctance made an offer to the old man.  Well, it was more of an agreement to what he was asking than an offer.

            “Whatever you’re asking for this place, I’ll pay it,” Annalisa said, placing the for sale sign on the old counter.

            “You’re a bit young to be buying a rundown place like this, aren’t you missy?” He asked.  “Not sure you want to take on the task of caring for the books that reside on these here shelves.”

            His words caused Annalisa to pause for a split second then her words flowed as if someone were speaking in her place.  The tone of her voice carried an authority Annalisa always wished for but could never muster up the courage to use. 

            “Let me say it again old man,” she said pressing her palms to the counter causing a puff of dust to rise.  “Whatever you’re asking for this place, I’ll pay it.”

            The old man’s eyes glazed over as if his mind wandered off into another time and place then the asking price he blurted out made Annalisa pull her hands from the counter and stumble back against the book filled table behind her.  The asking price of twenty-two thousand, five hundred, and forty-two cents was the exact amount she had in her savings account.  An account she hadn’t touched since she started her first job at the age of sixteen.  And an obscenely low amount even for this decrepit small store


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Happy Reading!

Ava Riley


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