Sample Sunday ~ Sacred Surrender

Sacred Surrender is the second book I had published and Rowan and Madison are very dear to my heart.  I guess because I always want people to find love, even when they’ve had the hearts ripped from their chest before.  Rowan vows to never love again, but when Madison moves in next door, literally just a stone’s throw away, he can’t remove her from his mind.  While Rowan tries everything he can to spend time with her, Madison struggles with the idea that someone as sexy and successful as Rowan could ever want a small town girl like herself.


“You’re beautiful, especially when your skin turns red like this,” Rowan gently reached up and brushed his knuckles against her right cheek.

Bowing her head slightly, Madison didn’t know how to respond to that.  Other than her father, no man had ever used that descriptive for her; cute, great personality, funny, but never beautiful.  Madison felt heat flare where Rowan touched her; then that same heat descended to places she didn’t know could actually burn.  He leaned into her, lifting her chin with his finger and terror encompassed her just as quickly as her embarrassment had. She had practically no experience kissing and she certainly didn’t want him to know that.  If she thought she was embarrassed now, having this man find out that she didn’t know how to use the lips God gave her would send her spiraling.  Not only that, but they’d just met and she didn’t even know anything about him.  She pulled away slightly.

“I can’t kiss you Rowan,” heat flooding her entire body by his closeness.

“Why not?” He wanted to kiss her; he’d not wanted anything so much in his whole life.

“I don’t know anything about you.  Hell, I don’t even know your last name,” she whispered.

“Worth,” he exhaled as he breathed seductively against her ear.  “My name is Rowan Alexander Worth.  I’m a doctor in the emergency room at Long Beach Community Hospital.  I have a sister, Tessa, who is marrying my best friend in a few months.  I like surfing, camping, and long runs on the beach.  Is there more that you need to know before I kiss you?”

“No,” she stuttered just before he placed his lips against hers.


Sacred Surrender is available at, , and

Happy Reading!

Ava Riley



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