Sample Sunday – Savina

Savina is a paranormal story I recently started working on!  She is the niece of Luca, an age old vampire.  When Savina goes missing, Luca calls on the one vampire he knows will bring his niece home safely, Gabe.  Little does Luca know, that Gabe’s desires go beyond just bringing home one of Luca’s family members.


Gabe pulled the collar of his dark wool coat up as far around his neck as he could without making himself look like a wuss.  The bitter Chicago wind whirled around him like a tiny tornado, and had he been anything other than a century old vampire, it would have reached to the marrow of his bones, and caused his entire body to shiver.  The business of trying to fit in with humans sometimes bugged the hell out of him and having to pretend the cold affected him was more of a nuisance than he cared to deal with at times.  Gabe leaned his shoulder against the cold brick building and waited for his contact, now officially thirty minutes late.

With a heavy sigh, he glanced at the gold watch wrapped around his wrist, wiping the frost from the face of the timepiece.  Gabe played over in his mind the different ways he would end the man’s life after he got the information from him that he needed.  He could very easily drain him of his life’s essence before the man could even feel his fangs puncturing the sensitive skin of his neck.



Happy Reading!



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