Six Sentence Sunday – Setting

I am taking a Creative Writing class at the University I attend and this week’s assignment is to write a character’s favorite play that has experienced some kind of destruction.  This is a portion of what I have.


It’s been ten years since Shay stepped back into the old neighborhood.  Memories of vivid red and black brick buildings reaching the sky, narrow alleys where she would play after a long day at school or in the much too early hours of a Saturday morning, and beautiful blue skies always willing to smile down on her, play over in her mind.

Now, all these years later, she stops on an empty sidewalk.  Building after building, once a towering playground for her and the few girls she felt comfortable enough with to call friends, stand almost desolate.  The lack of busying vendors and crowded streets, are a sad reminder of an economy that crashed hard just a few years ago.  City blocks, once meticulously clean, now find themselves littered with old newspapers declaring the war between the political right and left, empty coke bottles dirtied with the elements of mother-nature, and rusted shopping carts from a local grocer turned on their sides.


I know it’s not my typical posting, but I just wanted to share what I am working on for school. 🙂

Happy Reading!



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