Six Sentence Sunday #5 – A Lifetime To Find Love

A Lifetime to Find Love released in April 2011.  Cade has been best friends with Tessa’s brother, Rowan, since they were kids.  When Tessa and Cade hit the club one Friday night, neither of them are prepared for the events that unfold.  Emotions and desires set their relationship on an unexpected path.


“Not anyone?  I find that hard to believe, with all the women you’ve been with Cade?  Surely at least one woman

was worthy of a trip here.”

“Just one,” he whispered as if the breeze would steal his words, “and, she’s standing in front of me.”  He pulled

back taking Tessa’s chin between his thumb and finger.  “And, just for the record, I haven’t been with that many



A Lifetime to Find Love, along with it’s sequel Sacred Surrender, is available at,, and

Happy Reading!

Ava Riley


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