Six Sentence Sunday #4

Jackson Valley Series ~ I started writing a new series….Cowboy Style.  Who doesn’t love a hot, down to earth cowboy?  Hell, even city girls are swept away by the black stetson, tight wranglers, and that southern drawl.  Here is my six sentences from my first book in the series…it has yet to be titled.


“As Paige slid back into the hammock, she couldn’t take her eyes off Cort’s backside as him and Jake made their way to the back of the house.  His wranglers fit his ass impeccably and the phrase “wrangler butts drive me nuts” played over in her mind.  She realized she giggled out loud when Jake and Cort turned around, giving her a look of confusion.  She waved a hand at them to dismiss her small, unintentional outburst, watching them saunter off toward the barn.   Keeping her eyes fixed on the both of them, well actually on Cort, she reached for the glass of tea bringing it to her lips.  What she wouldn’t give for a tall drink of him instead.”


Happy Reading!

Ava Riley


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