Six Sentence Sunday – #2

Sacred Surrender is the sequel to A Lifetime to Find Love.

Rowan’s life had been perfect until his fiancée decided to seduce his best friend the night before their wedding and ultimately destroyed everything he’d dreamed of.  After breaking off the wedding and the relationship, he vowed to never allow another woman to have that much control over his heart again.  That is, until one morning when a knock on his door revealed beautiful, sexy Madison.   Madison, having just moved to sunny California from a small town in Kansas, is in awe of the hunky doctor living next door, but her insecurities keep her from accepting his initial advances.

The connection Rowan and Madison experience after a night of hot sex cannot be denied, but will Madison’s insecurities be too much for their relationship to flourish?  Will the relationship that Rowan is finally willing to accept end before it even gets a chance to start or can he convince Madison that her fears are unwarranted?


As soon as she caught sight of Rowan, everything and everyone around her blurred out of focus while her breath caught in her throat. Standing tall, he sported a pair of khakis with a black button up shirt that stretched tight against his muscled chest. His blonde hair stood on end making him look like he could grace the front cover of a GQ magazine. Suddenly, she felt underdressed. Apparently, hole in the wall in California meant something completely different than in Kansas. In Kansas, it meant hurry the hell up and throw something on, but in California it meant look as damn hot as you possibly can, standing around while every woman that glances your way fucks you with their eyes.


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