Six Sentence Sunday!

I am in the process of writing a short story about some cowboy lovin’.  There is just something about a cowboy that turns me on, always has, always will.  Maybe it’s that confident walk, that slow talk, or those tight ass jeans.  Oh hell, I just love it all.


Here is my Six Sentence Sunday from Leave Your Boots By The Door

“Austin, you should know I’m not a kiss on the first date kind of girl,” she responded.

You damn liar, you know you’d allow this man to undress you with his teeth if he offered.  Throw that rehearsed line out the window and tell him what you really want.

“I was thinking more along the lines of dancing, but thank you for letting me know right up front what my chances are tonight,” his laughter filling the invisible boundary that encompassed them.

“I didn’t mean…you know what dancing sounds great.  There is this awesome club around the corner that-“

(+1 more to finish the thought)

“I actually have a place in mind, trust me you’ll love it,” he interrupted.


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