Welcome to the New & Improved!

When I was growing up, change scared the hell out of me!  As I have grown older (and maybe wiser), I’ve learned that change can be a very good thing.  Hence, the switchover to WordPress.  It’s the same old me, just with a new look and hopefully some new friends!

For those of you new to who I am, I’ll give ya some insight.  The name is Ava, I write erotic and paranormal romance.  I love a heartfelt love story, with some pleasures of the flesh thrown in, and always a happy ending (in more ways than one).  I’ve been told that I’m naughty, I gladly accept that role and I’m always ready for a good time.

Currently, I have two books out ~ A Lifetime to Find Love & Sacred Surrender.  Both are available at Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and Allromanceebooks.com.  If you haven’t yet, check them out!

I’m easy to get along with, so stop by any time and say hi!  Enjoy your time here and as always ~ HAPPY READING!


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